How Can a Professional Dentist Help You?

A dentist is trained in the field of dentistry, a branch of medicine that involves prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity. Dental health is an important aspect of the human body and needs proper maintenance.

A dentist can be specialised in a single field, or he can be a practitioner in the general field. Dental disorders can be of several types, and at times, they can trigger excruciating pain. Only a dentist can be of help in all such situations. Let us take a look at some of the common types of dental diseases:

Periodontal disease

It is a dental infection affecting the tissues that hold teeth in the right position. The main cause of this dental disease is improper and irregular brushing and flossing. As a result, plaque forms on the walls of the teeth. Periodontal diseases can lead to bleeding gums, sore cavities and even loss of the tooth. The main risk factor for periodontal diseases is smoking. Before choosing a treatment practice, it is recommended to check with a professional Malvern Dentist. Malvern is known for its distinguished dentists.

Dental caries

It is also called tooth rot. Dental caries usually takes place due to the damage that is caused by bacterial processes. The tooth enamel, cementum, and dentin face progressive breakdown and corrosion producing holes in the teeth. The bacteria that are to be blamed for dental caries are Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus. In extreme cases, this dental disease can lead to an acute toothache, infection and tooth loss. Caries is a very common dental disease and can affect a person significantly. A dentist is a person who can help you to deal with caries. Tiny lesions can be taken care of through remineralization, but for larger lesions, more integrated treatment procedures are needed. Early treatment of caries can be less hurting.


It is the swelling of the tissues that form the gum. This disease is caused due to the plaque. Common sign and symptom of this condition include purple and inflamed gums.

Dental diseases can be difficult to handle if left untreated. The signs and symptoms linger for a long time. One should not neglect dental health and must act as soon as possible by consulting with a competent Malvern Dentist. South Australia has some very capable dental health care centres that offer professional treatment services. All you need is to find a professional dentist to work on all your dental needs.